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19 Weeks. 18 Cities. 7 Countries. 1 Experience Of A Lifetime.

Tiara (divabat)'s journal for The WorldSmart Leadership Program.

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North America
Denver, Colorado, USA - Orientation: August 1-August 14, 2005
Denver, Colorado, USA - August 15-21, 2005
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - August 22-28, 2005
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - August 29-September 4, 2005
San Diego, California, USA - September 5-11, 2005
Los Angeles, California, USA - September 12-18, 2005

Toyota, Aichi, Japan - September 19-25, 2005
Maruko, Nagano, Japan - September 26-October 2, 2005
Osaka, Osaka, Japan - October 3-9, 2005
Murou, Nara, Japan - October 10-16, 2005
Tama, Tokyo, Japan - October 17-23, 2005
Abiko, Chiba, Japan - October 24-30, 2005

Utrecht, The Netherlands - October 31 - November 7, 2005
Antwerpen, Belgium - November 7-14, 2005
Köln, Germany - November 14-20, 2005
Erfurt, Germany - November 21-27, 2005
Bern, Switzerland - November 28-December 4, 2005
Roma, Italy - December 5-11, 2005


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Blogathon for UWP

Hey everyone,

Today for the Blogathon I will be blogging 24 hours to raise funds for Up With People, the group I travelled with last year and volunteered for this April (and the reason for the LJ).

I will be blogging over at my alternative education blog, EducateDeviate but I'll post updates here and in my personal LJ, divabat.

I still need sponsors, so please:

Sponsor Me!

There are very interesting incentives if you sponsor. Find out what they are... ;)

Thanks for your support and see you in about 12 hours or so!
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Hey everyone,

Yes I'm back in Malaysia, been back for a long while. I'm not sure if I've written already, but:

* The BOG meeting was very interesting, and very intense too. Took quite a long while for them to decide what to do with all the scholarship money!

* The BBQ went well though I was a bit overdressed for the occassion. I've started a tradition of wearing a red top and a black skirt to the last UWP party. But it was to meet some great people.

* Gaby looks uber-HOT with his new haircut. Yum.

* I miss them all!

Mainly, I am here to post this:

Keep in touch people!
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I'm back in Malaysia, after an AMAZING two weeks in Denver. I wish I was still there really; being in that atmosphere has strengthened my resolve to be more involved with them in the near future.

I am still so MASSIVELY jetlagged. And Maxis is not letting me online, what the hell?

Going to help JC out with some things soon, so yay! Man I miss them all. They were great. It feels like I popped by for a bit on an alternate dimension and now I have to return...

Is there a way I can just stay in that alternative dimension indefinitely?

edit: Two things.

1. It's apparently snowing there. What the heck?! It was WARM (well, by their standards) when we were there. Strange!

2. Some of you were concerned about my "what the hell am I doing here?!" remark in a previous entry. Let me clarify. It's not "what the hell am I doing HERE", because I absolutely LOVE it all, but more "what the hell am *I* doing here", as in why am I amongst all these supremely talented people. They accepted anyone that applied (and lost 50% of the applicants that way because they disappeared), so I was feeling rather inferior, but I am rather pleased with how quickly everything just came together. Sometimes the best does come out of adversity.

And hey, if you're from the UWP office and you're reading this; please drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.
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Our Preview show was AWESOME. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

It's kind of sad that it ended. It feels like being in a trance, not realizing that we DID the show until it's over. But wow oh wow.

I need to rest - I have a Board of Governors' meeting in 8 hours!
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era rep!!!

Hi Tiara and Silva,

I'd like to formally offer both of you the position of 2004-10 Era Rep on the UWPIAA board of governors. I still want to talk to Scott Reeder when I'm in Denver this weekend to see if he'd like to also be on the Era Rep committee for 04-10. We would like Tiara to be chairperson of the committee, and Silva and hopefully Scott as committee members.

Please let me know if you both will accept the position. Tiara, since you're in Denver, I'd like to sit down with you to talk about some of the logistics of this new plan, as well as some of the concerns and ideas that the board members expressed when we voted. Silva, after I talk to Tiara and we make some decisions (provided, of course, that you both accept!), then we'll report to you with as many details as we come up with.

Tiara, if you accept, you would be a full board member at our meetings on Friday and Saturday with full voting privileges. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow (good luck with the show!!), and Silva, I hope to meet you soon -- perhaps this fall, if our BOG meeting is in Europe as we hope!

Best regards,

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nearing there

Yesterday we were at Teikyo Loretto Heights - Gaby came by to pick me up. He gave me his iBook, with a Google Earth route, and I ended up being his GPS system.

It was SO COLD. The wind was very chilly - and that had to be the day that I wore my tanktop instead. Oh brr! There weren't a lot of breakfast options - it had ended the moment we arrived. Oh well, there was always cereal.

Rehearsals went ok...things are coming together. And apparently I have my makeup on right, woo! I got fed up of all the brown so I added a little bit of blue, since I'm all blue-based anyway.

I lost Nanu's bracelet! Possibly in the school. Oh dear.

The school project went OK...the kids were nuts but otherwise fun. Even befriended some of the kids. It was funny when we did the minishow and when "Malaysia" was announced I got the loudest response, ha!

Gaby couldn't send me home last night, and the Eastments had left, so Nina and DeeAnn sent me back instead. And I got them lost! The directions, which should be reversed, weren't; so we went to the other side of town instead. Oh dear. At least we got home safe.

Today - dress rehearsal! Pretty much like a proper show, really. Hope it goes well.
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Costumes and Easter

So we just had our Costume Fitting - basically bringing all the clothes you brought to Denver and getting Lori to pick out the best ones for you. I bought a gazillion things for this show, and my show costume turns out to be something I already have - a turquoise fatwa (imagine a Punjabi top) and my llovely black pantsm with a turquiose necklace and bangles. Lori did say I have great stuff so someone might be borrowing things off me - my black halter-ish top got passed around a few times!

I also got tips on what makeup colours suit me (shades of brown) so hopefully I can make myself look spiffy! I wear makeup like, almost never, so this will be quite a challenge.

We got off early - neither the Eastmans nor Gaby (who rescued me two days ago when the Eastmans disappeared) could send me home, so I just walked to Market Street Station and caught the bus. I missed the first one by a minute (I was having dinner) so walked around for a bit. Saw horse-drawn carriages - so pretty! But so noisy, ha!

I was craving hot chocolate, but everything else was closed and my past experiences with Starbucks (which was open) weren't too good - they don't have the best hot cocoa. However, I was getting desperate, so I bought one...and the person in front of me had a gazillion orders. And my bus was coming in minutes. Thankfully I got my tall hot chocolate - and it was better than last time actually!

I had the bus all to myself the whole time. Pretty interesting!

Today is Easter! My host family isn't doing anything, except for their son coming over for dinner tonight. We'll probably spend some time over at Barnes & Noble ("The Library"). I have my first Easter basket - a mug with giant Easter cookies on sticks. Yay!

Tomorrow - service project for Stand For Peace (UWP's educational portion) in the morning. I hope I can make it there on time.
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one week.

So my first week here is nearly over!

The Road Staff people have been announced. Gaby, Danni (ooh!), Tom (most likely with the job I was looking for), Melissa (with the job I apparently should have applied for), Eduardo, DeeAnn, Kristen (in our cast). Plus some other people. Surprisingly no Nina (is she stopping? oh dear) and no Ana, whom I know wanted to continue on as well.

My volunteering time at the office is over! They're not open on Saturdays and next week onwards we have full day rehearsals and activities, and the venue's further away so I won't be able to make it then. I'm really missing the was a great atmosphere, people are awesome, the job's interesting, and it's just brilliant. You can really feel the spirit.

Going back to [V] now will suck terribly - thank goodness my contract is nearly over!

I have concucted a harebrained scheme to get back with the UWP people:

1. Apply for advance standing in uni, citing my gazillion experiences
2. Get a year shaved off
3. Do a year
4. Claim my 2nd ("3rd") year as my "study abroad year" (I believe they have that option) and travel on UWP as road staff for at least a year starting July 07 - thereby reuniting me with Zeljka and Victor
5. Graduate
6. Continue on with UWP until I just can't anymore

Of course, none of these would work if the first option falls through, unless I can claim the second year proper as study abroad (that would be interesting. "Hey, will work for you for a year, then need to go and finish uni up! But I'll be back!") or if someone can sponsor me fully as a student (They'd appreciate that) or if something better comes along. Heck, I'm fine with photocopy duty.

Speaking of which. GABY'S HERE! Still looking the same as ever, though he's going to cut off his trademark ponytail too - he's gonna be unrecognizable! He gave me a ride home tonight, since my original ride disappeared - so great to see him again and have time with him.

It'd be great to spend some one-on-one time with everyone outside of work; everyone's so freaking busy! I'd especially like to talk to Nina and just find out what her future plans are. We seem to have similar starting points. She left uni after a semester or so because for her it was a waste of time...she joined UWP the same age I did...she's been continuing long. Then again, she is also more German than I am and also far more talented (dacing comes as naturally to her as breathing does to most people - though they get breathless when they watch her dance. At least I do.) but huzzah different perspectives.

She's cool. Gaby's cool. They're all cool. I adore them so!

Tomorrow - costume fittings! My Indian ghagra outfit fits perfectly with the whole Moroccan/Middle Eastern bit they have, but I can't change from that into salsa clothes in time. Unless I wear two layers and hide one under the other, or something. Ha.

Pat's kompang has become loose and it sounds weird. Does anyone know how to fix a kompang?